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I'm perfectly normal

Kelly: The Collector's Edition

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2 September 1984
Going backwards to find my way forward.

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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"Whatever may be my uncertainty as to the authenticity of what we are taught to call revelation, of one fact I am deeply and horribly convinced, that there does exist beyond this a spiritual world - a system whose workings are generaly in mercy hidden from us - a system which may be, and which is sometimes, partially and terribly revealed. I am sure - I know . . . that there is a God - a dreadful God-and the retribution follows guilt, in ways the most mysterious and stupendous - by agencies the most inexplicable and terrific - there is a spiritual system - great God, how I have been convinced! - a system malignant, and implacable, and omnipotent, under whose persecutions I am, and have been, suffering the torments of the damned!"

(Vittorio The Vampire, Anne Rice)

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